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I used to consider myself an anxious person.


A fast-paced and demanding career working alongside some of the most notable musicians of our generation spurred me to try almost everything under the sun to get relief — therapy, exercise, journaling, sleep coaching, Eastern medicine, acupuncture, nutritional supplements — the list goes on.


In 2016, a mentor let me in on a little secret — all of the highest performers in the business were using meditation as a secret weapon to maintain sanity of mind, support their creativity, and find rest when sleep wasn’t available.


Meditation was the greatest gift I’ve ever received.


As my practice become increasingly beneficial, I began to reflect on the unique hazards facing the creative industries — lack of sleep, constant travel and isolation, improper nutrition, performance anxiety, fear of criticism — and what I could to do help.


An opportunity soon arose to train as a teacher with one of the world’s most enlightened masters, Maharishi Vyasanand Sarasvati, the right-hand man to the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the world-famous Indian guru known for teaching The Beatles and inspiring their White Album. After years of more than 3,000 hours of rigorous training, including almost 100 days of up to 14 hours of meditation per day, I'm proud to be a Vedic Meditation teacher in the gold standard of the prestigious Shankaracharya tradition of India.


With the blessing of the Maharaji of India, worldwide king of the yogis, I teach VM in Los Angeles, Miami, London and Ibiza. I am one of less than 100 teachers in the world to meet such criteria.


Being intimately familiar with the challenges faced by those in creative industries after having spent more than a decade working with A-list talent, I have dedicated my teaching practice to supporting all who wish to learn, with a special focus on those in creative industries.


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My teacher, Maharishi Vyasanand Sarasvati, known humbly in the West as Thom Knoles, began working with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1968 as a teenager. The son of a U.S. Air Force general, Thom was raised in foreign lands and educated by reading the encyclopedia as a boy. Shortly after being invited to attend Georgetown University on a full scholarship at the age of 16, Thom decided he sought higher knowledge. He traveled to India to begin work with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who became his mentor, and underwent Maharishi’s rigorous teacher training in 1968, where the now-famous photos of John Lennon and The Beatles, the Farrow sisters, Donovan and more in India were taken. For 30 years thereafter, Thom accompanied Maharishi around the world as he taught more than 100,000 people the art of self-transcendent meditation before his retirement.


In addition to being the only Westerner honored with the title of Maharishi, Thom is also a thought-leader in the field of neuroscience, holding a PhD from Georgetown University, and a celebrated speaker on the potential of the brain and health of the body, the relationship between quantum physics and human consciousness, and the 5,000 year-old body of wisdom known as the Veda — knowledge governing the laws of nature and human consciousness from which yoga, meditation, and ayurveda are derived.


Over the course of almost 50 years as a teacher, Thom has mentored three U.S. presidents, numerous heads of state, countless visionary Fortune 500 founders and CEOs, and spent almost a decade teaching exclusively in the world’s roughest prisons.


Today, he resides in Flagstaff, AZ and selectively trains about 10 teachers per year.

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