To speak of meditation is like speaking of exercise — there are many varieties, and if you seek a genuine experience, it’s important to know the real deal from the myriad dilutions and garden-variety types.


Vedic Meditation is the Rolls Royce of meditation practices — an effortless mantra-based mental technique passed down for 5,000 years through a lineage of masters including Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the world famous Indian guru known for teaching The Beatles and inspiring their White Album.


Vedic Meditation comes from the Vedas, the ancient body of knowledge governing the laws of nature and human consciousness from which yoga, meditation, and ayurveda are derived.


You’re probably here because you’re not finding fulfillment from other techniques, and that’s because without the use of a personalized mantra, our experience can only be surface-level — mildly relaxing at best, whilst filled with thoughts and restlessness.


For those who are satisfied with the meditation equivalent of streaming music on Spotify’s free tier, there are innumerable relatively ineffective yet cheap varieties of meditation out there. If you are interested primarily in saving money, try them out.


For those who demand the best and prefer to buy their music on vinyl and experience it through world-class speakers, there’s Vedic Meditation. If you’re interested in a transformational experience, you’ll want to try VM; a practical, proven program that’s been around for thousands of years.




When we are overloaded with the demands of daily life, our body goes into a fight-or-flight response, triggering a flood of stress chemicals designed to protect us from physical danger. This stress is stored permanently in the physiology — for life.


Every day we accumulate stress, it’s like putting bricks into the trunk of our car. With each brick, the car gets slower, the gas mileage declines, the ride becomes less comfortable, and the inside of our car gets damaged.


Since neither sleep nor exercise has been shown to release stress more quickly than we absorb it in today’s demanding world, the number of bricks in our trunk is increasing every day, even if we are getting 8 hours of sleep, eating healthy and exercising.


Meditation is the only technique capable of releasing stress more quickly than it is absorbed. We sit comfortably in a chair for 20 minutes twice a day and effortlessly repeat our personalized mantra mentally.


By providing a level of rest 2-5x deeper than the deepest phase of sleep, Vedic Meditation systematically dissolves layers of deeply held stress accumulated over a lifetime and restores natural balance to our mind, body and soul, allowing each to perform at their peak and offering us a unique life experience available only to meditators.




Meditation is restful and blissful, but that’s not why we practice it. We practice it because it evolves how we are in our daily life. The aim is not to become great meditators — it's to have great lives.


We have a ton of demands today and less time to deal with them. Our battery is getting drained more quickly than ever, and we need a technique for charging it even quicker. Science shows stress consumes 98% of our thoughts and is responsible for 98% of disease and illness.


Sleep is not enough rest to remove stress as fast as we take it in — meditation is.


VM provides deep rest quickly, so we can get back to our lives. As we rest, release stress and enliven our minds, we become more effective.


Unless we do this regularly, stress governs our behavior and our health, and makes us behave in socially irrelevant ways.




Vedic Meditation offers innumerable benefits, from improved sleep to heightened creativity and energy levels, increased vitality and immunity, balanced emotions and enhanced cognitive and physical performance


It would be impossible to list all of the benefits of VM in one place, since the technique has such a fundamentally transformational effect on all aspects of our life and being, but the list below offers a snapshot of benefits Vedic meditators frequently report.


Relief from depression

Release of anxiety

Resilience to stress

Sustained happiness

Enhanced creativity

Increased energy

Improved relationships

Better sleep

Relief from headaches

Improved memory

Heightened learning ability

Balanced emotions

Improved cognitive ability

Stronger immunity

More vitality

Improved circulation

Heightened focus

Clarity of mind

Faster reaction time

Increased self-esteem

Reverse aging

Reduced risk of heart disease

Deeper purpose

Permanent flow state


In addition to the benefits available to each individual, VM offers a host of benefits to those around us — our friends, partners, parents, children, coworkers, pets, etc., as well as humankind at large. By removing deeply held stress and cultivating a permanent backdrop of bliss in our lives, we become more capable of supporting those around us and more capable of contributing to society as a whole.

Our relationships improve, our performance at work improves, our family life improves, and people who come into contact with us generally have more positive experiences.


Practicing meditation is the most socially responsible thing you personally can do to make the world a better place. By removing lifetimes of stress accumulated in our physiology, we enable ourselves to be better friends, better partners, better coworkers, and better people. We can truly be the change we wish to see.




The first step to learning VM is a 30-minute introductory talk to learn how it works. It won't be boring. The talk is best held in person but can be done remotely if necessary or directly before the course.


Once you've attended an introductory lecture, you're ready for the course. VM is taught over four (4) consecutive days, for about ninety (90) minutes per day. The course is not academic in nature and will not require you to bring any #2 pencils or pass any exams. Like any rich experience, it cannot be had virtually.

On the first day, you’ll receive a personalized mantra expertly chosen specifically for you based on a variety of factors, and we’ll meditate together.


On subsequent days, we'll discuss meditation best practices, the mechanics of stress release, and what to expect as you begin to peel away layers of deeply held stresses accumulated over a lifetime.

Each session will conclude with a meditation, and you'll practice once on your own in between each session.


It would be my privilege to teach you, and it will be your privilege to practice self-sufficiently for the rest of your life.




Upon completion of the 4-day course, you’ll be completely self-sufficient in a technique you’ll use for life to release stress and feel happier and healthier while creating and performing at your best.


Like anything valuable, there is a cost associated with the conferral of a personalized mantra, four sessions of instruction, and lifetime of followup support.


The ancient Vedic tradition calls for a sliding scale payment system according to means, whereby students make a one-time contribution of one week’s gross earnings or comparable equivalent.


The fundamental principles of this system are to ensure each student possesses the requisite readiness required to receive the Knowledge by making a meaningful and honest contribution and to satisfy the natural law of reciprocity with an equitable energy exchange.


If your priority is saving money, there are a plethora of cheap apps, programs and classes available. If your priority is transformation, you're in the right place.


Traditionally, students were required to bring their weekly crop of rice to India, travel 7 days on foot up the Himalayas, and wait up to 30 days to be taught. Today, technology makes things easier ;)